Doing Life: Our Babies -

Doing Life: Our Babies

Time flies!!

I have read that as we get older it is not that time seems to be moving faster, but that our concept of time changes. So it actually does feel like life is moving by more quickly! A 10 year old has a different concept of ten years than a 70 year old does. If this is the case, adding babies into the mix must press the fast forward button! It seems like only a few days ago April and I were walking in the park when she told me to sit down and surprised me with the news of our first child, Ayden.

The little Guy

Ayden, which means little fire, has been nothing short of that since day one! I remember looking at him under the UV light watching in anxiety as he fought some complications from his early birth. As I looked on just wishing I could hold him I remember one moment were he gave us a big grin. I specifically remember that moment because it was when I suddenly realized for the first time that I would give anything to protect him. I remember putting the car seat in the SUV for the first time. I remember minutes before we took him home from the hospital thinking, I can barely get this seat in, how am I going to raise a kid!? Well April and I started figuring it out really quickly because they do not let you live in the hospital! I remember many nights only getting a few hours or even sometimes minutes of sleep. Turns out babies cannot tell the difference between night and day inside mamma’s tummy.

Though we are still learning how to raise children. Ayden has been such a blessing through it all. I did not know that it was possible for someone to be so caring at his age, but that’s Ayden. He can sense if you are not having a good day and will either do or say something to try and cheer you up. Things like “you are so beautiful mommy” or “you are my favorite” he will say. He also is beyond socially outgoing. If he is doing an activity it is a requirement that someone else joins in! He is also very competive. He has gotten better at loosing gracefully, but if he thinks he can beat you, you are in for a challenge! I remember thinking to myself, how could I love another child as much as I do him, it’s just not possible. But just like that, I found out it is possible. Enter Everly!

The little Lady

Everly, which means “God forever with us”. Everly has been more of a big fire, than a little one! From the beginning I remember how amazed I was at her strong personality. Even as an infant she knew what she wanted and you knew what she wanted! April likes to call her our threenager. Everly is truly a little princess. She is the lover of all things pink, Frozen related, or dress related. Unlike Ayden, she can keep herself busy playing or painting, which is her newest hobby. Pink suns, pink flowers, pink hands, and pink paint all over the chairs and dining room table. Thank goodness she is using washable paint! But April and I love seeing her newest creations. Even though Everly may not be as observant as Ayden to your feelings, she has other ways she can bring a smile to your face. Everly loves to sing. When she does it melts your heart right to the core! I will never tire of hearing songs from Frozen, Frozen 2, or a nursery rhyme she picked up at school.

Warm Hugs

One thing that both my kids are professionals at is hugs. I think April, who is also a professional, must have taught them herself. No matter how I am feeling, I always welcome a big hearty hug from both of them and they never disappoint.

I hope with all that is going on you are taking sometime with your families to get in some extra hugs. Life is so rich and we are so blessed! Make sure you take time to hug someone today! Know that it won’t be as good a hug as I get! But, maybe like the 10 year old and 70 year old, who have a different concept of time, our concept of hugs will differ to! 😉



This was me 21 weeks with Ayden and I had just found out he was a boy! I could not have been more excited!!

He came 3 weeks early so he was super tiny and very Jaundice. We had to spend the first night at home without him and it broke our hearts.


We love our sweet and compassionate boy!!


Everly was one week early but it felt like forever since Ayden had come so fast!

When the nurse brought her to me she said, not only is she beautiful but you just met your best friend for life. I loved that and I will always hold that moment close to my heart!!

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