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Doing Life: Engagement Session At Arbor Hills

Doing Life: Engagement Session

Everyone remembers the biggest day of their journey. The day you make the decision that changes the way you do life. It looks something like this. The groom looks down the aisle, as tears form in the rim of his eyes. A small grin turns into a smile, then he is beaming from ear to ear as stands there, proud. Gazing upon the woman he will spend the rest of his aging years with. The bride gently glides down the aisle, time stands still as she warmly clasps her father’s hand. Her gaze transfixed on the man of her dreams. As the figure of her youth leads her to her future. Though that day was more than 15 years ago for us. We fondly remember it with every wedding and engagement session we take. It is within those moments that we are blessed to reflect on what was, what is, and the magic still to come.

A few nights ago we had the pleasure of being a part of Robert and Catherine “Cats” life journey. Though it was a busy night at Arbor Hills, our laughter seemed to drown out all those around. Cat and Robert looked perfect together. I remember she said she had some experience modeling in the past, so Cat was a natural. Robert and I have something very similar in common, we dread having our picture taken. But we also have great women at our side that make the process fun, as Cat did for him. As we strolled around Arbor Hills taking advantage of the perfect sky and natural beauty we have been blessed with. It was easy to remember all the cherished moments April and I have shared. As we looked through our lenses at the happy couple, making faces and encouraging each other to laugh, we could not help but think. “How lucky are they?” We are so excited for all the moments and memories they have to make together.

Catherine and Robert, thanks so much for letting us into your world for a brief time. We look forward to seeing you during your journeys next big moment. Until then, cherish the two most valuable commodities life has to offer, time and love.

Cheers you two!

PS. The itching has been temporarily relieved, the oatmeal bath was a great idea……lol! (Inside joke all, you would have to have been there!)




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