Light and Airy Engagment Session at White Rock Lake

Doing Life: Engagement Session at White Rock Lake

Fond Memories

It had taken awhile to get to this point, both in life and on this trial. As Shelby and Bridger climbed along a mountainside vacationing in Montana it was easy to enjoy life’s moments. The many hiking adventures they shared previously, fishing alongside each other, hoping for the early morning bass to bite. The time he surprised her with a fun day in Dallas, followed by a romantic dinner at Reunion Tower. That day will hold a special memory in Shelby’s heart; that was the day he asked her to officially be his girlfriend.

New Memories

As they reached a plateau, Shelby was taken back by the beauty she gazed upon. The fluffy snow capped mountains were breathtaking as they reflected off of the glacial lake. It almost seemed too dreamy to be true, like something you would see on a postcard. As she turned to look at Bridger she was surprised. He was not standing next to her, or sitting down catching his breath. He was looking up at her, from one knee, smiling. That day Bridger created another memory Shelby will hold special in her heart. That was the day Bridger asked her to be his wife.

Thank you

Shelby and Bridger, you are two of the most fun loving, easy going, smiliest (that’s not a word) couple we have ever had the pleasure of serving! In our short time together at White Rock Lake, it was easy to see that you two are meant for each other. We had so much fun being able to capture your moments of love through our lenses. From the windy beginning on the lake, to the still sunset in the fields. Thank you for allowing us to make memories with you. We hope that these images will bring excitement for the special day to come; and later after your wedding, take you back to a short sweet time in your life that you can never get back, never replace, but will always relive.


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