Wedding at Oak & Ivy -

Wedding at Oak & Ivy

Gestures of Love

“I have had to shell out quite a bit of money on this wedding.” The stepfather of the bride announced while making his toast. “But I do not see it as spending money, but rather an investment.” “All of you here have been invested in so that you can help this couple as they grow together.” Then, after finishing his speech, he made another investment into his step daughters life, this time with his actions. “Zoe,” he said looking down at the new bride. “I know your father could not be here today” a picture stood next to them in his honor. “Could I have this dance?” 

Life’s Next Chapter

This last Sunday we got an opportunity to serve Zoe and Owen as they turned the page into life’s next chapter. What a beautiful first page it was! From the surprise daddy-daughter dance, to Owen playing a song for his new bride during the ceremony. There were moments during every part of the day where tears of joy were being shed. I have to admit, the most touching moment for myself was when I caught Owen sitting away from his groomsmen.  Transfixed on a notebook that had his name on it in glitter. He must have noticed me wondering because he took a moment, looked up at me and said, “this is a book Zoe has been writing notes to me in since we first started dating. I was never allowed to see it until today.” Looking at his expressions of joy as he perused the pages brought a tear to my eye. 

Thank You

Intentional gestures of love are what help strengthen a relationship. Zoe and Owen, thank you so much for allowing us to be there with you on such a special day! You and your family are great examples of what love is. Our wish for you two is that you always cherish each other as much as you do now. That you will grow stronger in love as the moments pass and always be deliberate, purposeful, and intentional in your love for one another. We hope that the pictures taken of you both on life’s journey will always be a reflection of your love for each other. 


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  1. Robert McBride says:

    Thank you for using you God given talent to capture such an amazing miracle!!!

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