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Dallas Summer Wedding

The Big Day

“I’m nervous” Olivia replied. A pretty standard response for a bride the day of her wedding. We had just arrived, Olivia was in the midst of hair and makeup. Her mother, some family, and maid of honor were with her for comfort, support, and fun. After introductions and some hugs, we started capturing the memories of the day. Though Olivia may have said she was nervous, all we could see was a beautiful soon to be bride, enjoying the moments with those closest to her before starting a new chapter in her life. 

The Ceremony

Those in attendance had taken their seats. The minister was standing at the altar with Jay, the groom. A white sheer certain was closed masking the bride before her entrance. Looking at Jay he stood there with a huge grin on his face, smiling at guests, smiling to himself, and making nervous conversation with the minister. Then, just like that, the certain was drawn back and there she was. The woman he would spend the rest of his life caring for, the woman he had admired since High School. The woman of his dreams.

As Olivia entered the room her eyes immediately met Jay’s, just like that, all nerves were settled, all cares were cast aside. The only thing that mattered in that instance was the love they felt for each other. Jay’s eyes filled with tears of joy as Olivia’s face beamed with excitement. A kind of happiness that can only be seen on a brides face while walking down the aisle. Moments later they were married, Olivia and Jay Cruz! 

Thank You

Olivia and Jay, thank you so much for letting us serve you on such a special day. You both were so much fun to be around. Olivia, a special thanks to you, we have never been and never again want to be, served by the bride on her wedding day! But your kind gesture will never be forgotten. You and Jay both have such great hearts! We hope that when you look back at these captured memories you will think of the joy you both experienced on that special day. That the love you have now will always remain and that these images will take you back to the day you started lives next big journey!

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