Beautiful Backyard Wedding with Cat and Robert -

Beautiful Backyard Wedding with Cat and Robert

Love Conquers All

It’s funny how much life changes between engagement and wedding day. People buy houses, the economy shifts, pandemics hit. The world as we know it can change in a blink, but does that stop love?……… it does not. Love triumphs over all!

 A few weeks back we had the pleasure of being able to serve Catherine (Cat) and Robert on their wedding day. They did not just experience one of the things I listed, but all of them! After trying to reschedule their venue a few times due to covid, they decided to have their special day at their new house. I thought that fit them perfectly! 

Cat and Robert are the type of couple that you really feel like you know after only meeting them one time! They are genuine, outgoing, and energetic. Qualities that are in short supply these days! We have been excited about their wedding day since the laughter we shared at their engagement session!

The Big Day

What a day it was! Upon arrival we jumped right into the swing of things! Details, getting ready pictures and then the first looks! Tears and laughter were both on display as Cat did her first looks with her father, brother, and Robert. Seeing her brother cry as he looked at her for the first time in her wedding dress. It made me think of all the times they must have shared together growing up. All the talks they must have had about what the future would hold for them. As they both laughed between tears it made me smile. 

The ceremony was beautiful! The sun had just made its way far enough through the sky that the yellow beams of bright light had turned to soft orange hues. Catherine wore an elegant dress, resembling something in the Great Gatsby. Robert and the guys were in suites with chapeaus. They kept the ceremony traditional and after the kiss, Robert broke the glass, symbolizing how fragile love can be. 

Smiles, Laughter, Dancing, and More Smiles

After the ceremony the reception commenced. The maid of honor gave a speech that involved a joke about Roberts height. But then the father of the bride made up for it by sharing the story about how Robert asked for his daughters hand at the gun range while he was holding a weapon. A gentleman and courageous lol! Cat enjoyed the reception by dancing the night away! If you were looking for the bride it was not hard to find her. She was smiling and laughing on the dance floor the whole evening!

Thank You

Cat and Robert, it was such blessing being able to share your wedding day with you. We have only known you for a few months, but in that time it really feels like we have become friends! Seeing you both on your special day was inspirational. Life may have thrown a curve ball or two your way, but the remedy will always be love. Thanks for all the smiles, laughter and dancing. We hope that no matter what the future holds, you will both continue to persevere with the jovial spirits that you both infect those around you with!

Cheers !!

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  1. Yvonne davis says:

    wow…so happy for you. your mom and dad look fantastic and on cloud nine! soper

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