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Doing Life: Staying WELL when Everyone is dropping like Flies!!

Raise your hand if your already tired of the cold and flu season? It really hasn’t even begun yet in our home but as I am looking around at the empty tables at mom’s group this morning I realized it is already here! So much so that I decided to write some of my own tips and tricks on how to beat illness in this cooler weather and season coming up!

So how do we keep ourselves and our children healthy this season? Here are 5 tips of my own to stay healthy. Feel free to comment and give me your ideas. I am always wanting to learn more on this subject!!

  1. Exercise at LEAST 30 minutes a day! Giving yourself a temperature rise naturally fights infection that’s why we get so warm when we have a fever because we are fighting germs out there!
  2. Drink water! At LEAST half your body weight in ounces everyday (if you weigh 100 pounds you need to drink 50oz a day). We need water yal. It’s not fun but we need it so drink up!!
  3. DROP THE SUGAR!! Wait what?? It’s true sugar feeds off of the germs and only makes things worse. Just get rid of it and snack on fruit instead! Believe me I have done this and have never slept so great in my life. There are so many good recipes out there too on Pinterest!
  4. Get to BED early!! Sleep helps in so many ways by reducing all the stress and helps your body fight off bad germs as well.
  5. Drink grape juice mixed with a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar Every. Stinking. Day. Yes it is disgusting…but very worth keeping that yucky tummy bug, sore throat and cold/congestion away. What I do is drink a half glass of grape juice and then at the very last sip add in the Apple Cider Vinegar. You can even look up the Apple Cider Vinegar shots on Pinterest for more ideas of how to take it. I promise this saved me last year when everyone in my home had the tummy bug but me…seriously it works.

My hope and prayer is that everyone stays healthy through this winter season. Not only in my family but in yours as well. Don’t forget the essential oils and Probiotics too!! I know those have helped us out a ton as well!!

Speaking of staying well …here are a few photos from last weekends cake smash of this sweet and well family!! Luckily these two little guys were feeling good after being sick too already before the session. Here’s to all you Mommy’s and Daddy’s already fighting for your health!! Hang in there…You GOT this!! We are cheering for you ;)!!

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~April and Jason Sapp

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