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Doing life: How We Met Part: The First Date

One of our first questions we always love asking when getting to know our bride and grooms is how they met and how their love story began. This week we thought it might be fun to share a little bit about our love story and how we first met more than 15 years ago. Since we are always asking our clients these questions here are some fun tidbits out of our own love story.

Where: Church

April had been going to the same church for her whole life in Tomball, TX (just north of Houston) and I was an Air Force Brat who ended up in the same city and church. She was a 20-year-old blonde haired beauty singing on stage and I was a young 18-year-old stud with bleach blonde hair who hung out with all the popular guys. Not! All is true about her, but the only thing I can pass off as truth in my description is my hair. My mother had just made a failed attempt at highlighting my tips (ya it was 2002 ok) herself and my hair turned into a camouflage nightmare. I then went to get it fixed where it went from bad to worse and got it bleached blonde, but I digress. During the first few months of attending the church we would have short conversations in passing but nothing to serious.

First Date: Valentine’s Day

A few months passed and I made a few friends at the church, one being the youth pastor, shout out to Mike and Shelly Ludwig, nothing but love for the Ludwig family. He and I became friends and as it turned out, Mike’s wife Shelly was very good friends with a very single April. As Valentine’s day approached the church was throwing a Valentine’s day banquet and April needed a date. I do not remember the exact details of how it all went down. But between Shelly dropping in a good word for me, dropping in a good word with my mom, (I have no idea why or how that got in the mix), and Mike dropping me a hint. I asked her to the banquet.

The Banquet

I picked April up in my Chrysler Cirrus which I prayed the whole date would not break down. She looked gorgeous as usual and we arrived at the banquet. When we got there we noticed the median age of attendees was a little higher than our own and most guests had been married for quite some time. This made things a little awkward. Things got A LOT more awkward when about 30 minutes in they asked every couple to stare deeply into each other’s eyes, remember the time they first met and say something they love most about them. That’s when Shelly yelled “April and Jason run!” in front of everyone. We promptly got the heck out of there in front of a lot of laughing married couples. We look back at that and laugh now too.

Two Weeks Notice and IHOP

The rest of the night was spent at a Hugh Grant/Sandra Bullock movie (Aprils choice) and IHOP. We stayed out until around 1am talking and had so much fun. It may not sound like the perfect date to you. But to us, it was magical. The next few months were spent on the phone every night, driving long distances to see each other, and lots of dates eating Mexican food (her favorite) and Whataburger (my favorite). This is our very first photo together taken at April’s home church at the Valentine’s Banquet. We barely knew each other but after that night we both knew this was the first day of the rest of our lives!

There is obviously so much more to the story but we thought we’d pause there until next time: Part two


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