When is the best time to take Bridal Party Photos on your Wedding Day

3 Reasons to take your Bridal Party Pictures before the Ceremony

3 Reasons to take your Bridal Party Pictures before the Ceremony

A common question we run into when having discovery calls with our happy couples “When is the best time to take the bridal party photos?” Now this can be a little tricky to answer because they come in variations such as, groomsmen, bridesmaids, bridal party, and more. For these particular photos, we always have the same answer, “Before the Ceremony!” Here are 3 reasons why.

Looking & Feeling you’re best

We have all been in this situation, earlier in the day your hair was perfect, makeup was just the way you like it, and that dress……..clean! But as the day went on, the humidity in the air got your hair frizzified, not a word but you get it. The dress, well you missed the target at Chick-fil-a and now the special sauce has added additional color to the cloth! That may be a bit of an extreme example, but wedding days can be very similar. That is why while you are fresh, the pictures turn out the best!

You & your party, just want to party

The band played the song according to plan, Check! You nailed your vows, Check! He said yes and your father did not object! Double Check! Lots of things go right on wedding days and a lot of time is put into making sure that happens. That is why you deserve to have fun at your reception! Oh wait, we still need to do pictures, meh, alright.  The second reason before the ceremony is better. After, you and your wedding party will be ready for fun, to slip into different shoes, or loosen that tie.

The Guests are Waiting

It is true that golden hour (sunset) is the best time to capture that dreamy glow. One of our favorite parts of the day is stealing the newlyweds to capture that moment right after ceremony. If there was not a first look, we normally do the whole bridal party as well at this time. However, the guests are waiting at the reception hall and you certainly want to be a good host/hostess. That is why we love first looks! They also give you both a nice intimate moment together before being in front of an audience. Certainly it is your day so you can have it however you want it. But if you have a first look, it allows us to take the bridal party photos before the ceremony as well. Then the guests will be waiting a little less time for your big entrance!

Pictures you will love

Regardless of the order of your events that transpire on your special day, it is still the best day EVER! We will get pictures we know you will love and you, enjoy the moment! I hope this post helped give some guidance on when to take bridal party pictures.



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