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Engagement Session at White Rock Lake

Engagement Session at White Rock Lake

“True love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpart in another.” – Owen Wilson. This quote from the movie Wedding Crashers was so fitting for our last engagement session. A week ago we met up with Danielle and Chris at White Rock Lake. These two met at a friend’s wedding, even though they were not crashing it, their souls did collide that day.  We are so happy they did, because we got the opportunity to have the most fun we have ever had during an engagement session!

April and I had not talked to these two since our FaceTime call a few months back, but it felt like we just hung up! After a warm welcome we got started with the session or should we say the laughter. Chris and Danielle naturally made each other crack up the whole time! We could post a highlight reel of quirky faces and gestures they made! But, we will save those for them to post at their leisure. As photographers, not only does this make the session so much more fun, it also produces those genuine smiles we love to take pictures of!

Thank you!!

Danielle and Chris, thank you so much for giving us the chance to capture the natural love you both have for each other with our cameras.  Following you two around White Rock Lake was sincerely our pleasure. We cannot think of a time we had more fun getting to know a couple while taking pictures! Our hope for you both is that as you continue to do life together, your soul’s will continue to recognize even more extraordinary things about each other and that it will only deepen the truly special relationship you both have.

Until we see you next,


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