Beautiful Wedding day at Davis & Grey -

Beautiful Wedding day at Davis & Grey

Investing in Love

Reaching into her pocket she pulled out $5 and handed it to the groom. “Stetson, just as my father gave me $5 in order to encourage me to become best friends with Becky, I now give $5 to you.” As the crowd erupted with applause Stetson stood up, smiling from ear to ear he accepted the $5 bill. We express love in so many different ways. Wether it is a hug, a high five, or even a $5 bill given in bribery.  

Marrying your best friend, what could be sweeter? It had been a long time since these two became high school sweethearts. Even longer since Becky’s maid of honor had accepted the $5 from her father. Who would have guessed that life’s journey would have led us to this. But a couple weeks ago in front of friends and family. Becky and Stetson took the next step in their journey together and said “I do.”

What a beautiful and fun event it was. From the first look with her father and brother to Stetson’s father getting everyone on the dance floor while nailing the lyrics to Sir Mix-a-lot, their was never a dull moment! 

Thank You

Becky and Stetson, we love you guys! Thank you so much for letting us be there with you on such a special day! You and your family made us feel like part of the family. That is, until we saw you all get on the dance floor….then we realized we definitely not related! Wow! How is it possible EVERYONE could dance like that! Regardless of our two left feet, thanks so much for letting us be a part of such a special day. 

Our hope for you is that you continue to grow in love together and that just as your lives have been invested in. You both will continue to spread your love and knowledge to others. Who knows, one day, in front of a large crowd, your daughter might be handing $5 to someone who has had a special impact on her life.

Until then,


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  1. Cathy Donahoe says:

    Wonderful pictures of my beautiful niece and the love of her life! Thank you!

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